Mag Power Liquid

Magnesium with vitamin B12 Reduces stress reactions

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Magnesium with vitamin B12 Reduces stress reactions

Dietetic feed for horses Stiefel Mag Power Liquid is a liquid dietetic feed to reduce stress reactions. The important combination of magnesium, tryptophan and zinc can have a positive effect on irritated, nervous and stressed horses with feed-related deficiencies. This can have a positive effect on resilience, concentration and performance reserves.

Composition: Magnesium chloride 34.00 %; Dextrose 5.00 %

Additives per kg: Nutritional additives: L-tryptophan 1000 mg; vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin 100000 mcg; zinc as zinc chloride, monohydrate (E 6) 233 mg

Analytical components: Crude protein 0.10%, crude fibre 0.00%, crude oils and fats 0.00%, crude ash 23.10%, magnesium 4.04%, humidity 70.90%

Feeding recommendation: Large horses (600 kg body weight) 25 ml - 50 ml / day Small horses 15 ml - 30 ml / day Recommended duration of feeding: 2 to 4 weeks.

Store the feed in a cool and dry place protected against direct sunlight. Use soon after opening. Store out of reach of small children.

Presentation: liquid

Packaging: Type: ST002501 1 l dosing bottle

Data sheet number: 381211D

Information text: Stiefel Mag Power Liquid contains magnesium, calcium, vitamin B12, zinc and additional tryptophan. The Mag Power Liquid is put in to the feed to reduce stress reactions and increase resilience and can also be orally provided in liquid form. When the horse is under stress, all performance reserves are activated so that it can run from threats or fight them. All muscles are tightened, including the heart muscle.

Magnesium plays a special role for the heart muscle, as it is a calcium antagonist that can help to normalise the heart activity. The excretion of magnesium is also increased when stress hormones such as cortisol or adrenalin are released. Several processes associated with stress increase magnesium consumption - and a shortage of magnesium may again increase the effects of stress. Vitamin B12 can also strengthen the nerves and increase concentration. L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid. L-tryptophan is effective because it is converted to serotonin by the metabolic processes. It is one of the few amino acids that can easily cross the blood/brain barrier. Its effect is described as mood-lifting and calming. Lack of L-tryptophan, particularly in stress situations, leads to irritation, imbalance and lack of performance reserves.

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