Chasteberry, whole seeds

Whole seeds Benefits the hormone balance

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Whole seeds Benefits the hormone balance

Feed material for horses Stiefel chasteberry is used to stabilise the menstrual cycle and increase fertility. Can be fed to provide support in the event of Cushing syndrome.

Composition: Chasteberry 100%

Feeding recommendation: Horses (600 kg body weight) 15 - 20 g per day Small horses 10 - 15 g per day 1 tablespoon corresponds to approx. 8g Mix whole seeds with the feed. Note: Do not feed chasteberry during pregnancy, discontinue after insemination!

Store the feed in a cool and dry place protected against direct sunlight. Use soon after opening. Please take note of the current anti-doping and medication control directives (ADMR) of the FM (German Riding Association).

Presentation: whole seeds

Packaging: Item ST009120 500 g bag

Data sheet number: 381127D

Information text: Originates from the Mediterranean area and South-East Asia. Is used for hormonal problems and can have a stabilising effect on the menstrual cycle. Natural ingredients: Fat oils, essential oils, flavones, iridoids, aucubin, agnuside, casticin.

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